8th UK Dementia Congress

Over 800 people attended the 8th UK Dementia Congress, held 5-7th November 2013 in Nottingham, to celebrate a coming together care for people living with dementia in care homes, in the community and in hospitals.

Notable highlights included:

  • a passionate debate between Dr Jill Rasmussen and Dr Martin Brunet, for and against the motion that “This house believes that dementia should be diagnosed as early as possible”.  The motion was supported.
  • Heather Roberts and Peter Dunlop, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassadors
  • Sheila Wainwright and Louise Langham from Uniting Carers Dementia UK
  • Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support, stating that dementia remains at the top of the political tree
  • Professor Brendon McCormack, University of Ulster, delivering an inspiring Tom Kitwood Memorial Address
  • Marc Wortmann, Executive Director at Alzheimers Disease International showed that the UK was ahead in some areas of dementia care but behind in others
  • Professor Tom Dening from the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham summarised the latest medical and scientific advances in dementia

@DementiaUK put togather an excellent storify of the Congress below

The following presentations are available to download

Tuesday 5 November 18:20 -19:30:
Rasmussen, Jill
Brunet, Martin

Wednesday 6 November 08:30 -09:15
Howorth, Riley & Drummond
Guss & Asquith
Capstick, Andrea
Bell, JeniGilfoy, Kathryn
Lane & Hirst

Wednesday 6 November 09:30 -11:00
Roberts, Heather
Whitman, Lucy

Wednesday 6 November 11:30 -12:40
Aguirre, Elisa
Toot, Sandeep
Crossland & Sexton
Cook & Green
Hannan, Ruth
Watkins, Mould & Bainsfair

Wednesday 6 November 13:40 -14:30
McCormack, Brendan

Wednesday 6 November 14:40-15:50
Loveday & Watt
Bridges, Jackie
Lenham & Savitch
McKeown, Jane
Williamson & Glover
Crossland & Tester
Edwards & Turner
Smith, Crossland & Surr

Wednesday 6 November 16:20 -17:30
Iddon, Mike
Bray & Atkinson
Macadam, Alison
John, Antonia

Thursday 7 November 08:30 -09:00
Edwards, Heather

Thursday 7 November 09:15 -10:25
Noble, Rusius & Bainbridge
Holman, Robert
Post, Marijke
La Fontaine, Jenny
James, Ian
Wiper, Pauline
Brooker, Dawn
Buckell & Knibbs
Illiffe, Steve
Kindell, Wilkinson & Keady
Chaplin, Ruth

Thursday 7 November 11:00 -11:50
Wortmann, Marc

Thursday 7 November 12:00 -13:10
Behan, Bowes & Webster
Franklin Gould, Veronica
Howard, Sue
Life Story Network
McKenna, Margaret
Jacobson, Smith & Knight

Thursday 7 November 14:10 -15:00
Dening, Tom