Care Quality Commission publishes five-year strategy

The strategy sets out what the Care Quality Commission aims to achieve for people who use health care and social care over the next five years.

Download the five-year strategy in a variety of formats:


The CQC has have five priorities:

  • Making sure that care is centred on people’s needs and protects their rights: empowering people to be able to shape their own care.
  • Championing joined-up care: examining how well health care and social care services work together.
  • Acting swiftly to eliminate poor quality care: people have a right to expect that, if a service falls below essential standards of quality and safety, this is identified and acted on quickly.
  • Promoting high quality care: informing organisations that provide or buy care so they can learn from what is working well.
  • Regulating effectively, in partnership: working with other organisations to improve the quality of life for communities and local people.


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