Debate safe and compassionate healthcare


Mary Agnew, Deputy Director of the Department of Health Francis Implementation Team, is blogging about her team’s work with organisations across the health system to support the NHS in delivering consistently safe and compassionate care.

Mary says:

Robert Francis QC’s public inquiry report made 290 recommendations affecting each and every level of the system from ward to Whitehall, stretched across 3 forensically detailed volumes, and amounting to a profound critique of the system that surrounded the Trust between 2005 and 2009.

This breadth and complexity can make it hard to distil, hard to know what the priorities are, and hard to keep in touch with all the activity currently underway. So this blog will attempt to offer some bite-size digests, with contributions, I hope, from a range of organisations and individuals across the system, placing a spotlight on a series of key themes, such as staff wellbeing, values and patient voice.

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