NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia

NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for DementiaThe NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia is now open for entries. Awards will be made for innovations that redesign services around the needs of patients, improve diagnosis and reduce both the number of hospital attendances and the amount of time patients spend in hospital.

Are you delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers through services that are integrated and designed around the person with dementia and not the system?

Apply now for a share of an £150,000 prize fund at www.nhschallengeprizes.org

The challenge is open to anyone working in dementia care. Entrants must show how they are working as a seamless multidisciplinary team, with a least one other organisation from a different sector, and provide evidence of the positive impact the integrated service is having on the lives of patients and their carers.

Judging will also take into account:

  • improved clinical outcomes
  • value for money
  • whether the idea is easily transferable
  • whether changes are achievable within a reasonable timescale
  • whether the idea, service or product is new to the NHS or social care, or can be applied in a new way.

The deadline for submissions is midday on 4 September 2013.