Dementia awareness week 2011

Dementia Awareness Week - Remember the person

Dementia awareness week 2011 - Remember the person

Dementia awareness week will take place from 3-9 July 2011 in England and Wales. The theme of the week is Remember the person which is encouraging people to be a friend to someone with dementia.

It is trying to take the fear out of dementia and make people realise that people living with dementia are just people. It gives them ten simple things they can do to help a family living with dementia that will hopefully get people to support families living with dementia more.

  1. Treat the person with respect and dignity
  2. Be a good listener
  3. Be a good communicator
  4. Remember the little things can mean a lot
  5. Stay in touch
  6. Offer practical help
  7. Organise a treat
  8. Help different family members in different ways
  9. Find out more about dementia
  10. Direct people to Alzheimer’s Society for more help and support

Watch the YouTube video below ( from the Alzheimer’s Society, ‘Five ways you can help a family with dementia’.

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  1. Heather Pearson

    This article is my TOP STORY in a ‘Dates for the diary’ slot on my personal Facebook Dementia NewsBlog. The tips for ‘Remembering the person’ are invaluable for sharing with Facebook friends all around the world. Many thanks to the Alzheimer’s Society for all the invaluable you do for people with Dementia,their family and friends.All best, Heather Pearson.

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