Evaluation of the Dementia Quality Mark accreditation and implementation process

The Dementia Quality Mark (DQM) accreditation criteria for care homes is being introduced and processed in care homes in the South West. The approach has been informed by the ‘Living Well with Dementia Strategy’ (Department of Health, 2009), ‘Dementia UK Report’ (National Audit Office, 2007) and Tom Kitwood’s original ‘person to person’ dementia care model (Kitwood, T., 1997).

In response to increasing rates of dementia prevalence, the Department of Health South West produced a DQM assurance person centred toolkit designed around Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards. The toolkit was trialled by six South West councils BANES, Bristol, Dorset, Plymouth, Gloucester and Wiltshire. The ongoing process within each council required accreditation and Plymouth University was commissioned to provide an evaluation of the implementation of the accreditation process and to provide recommendations for its future use. This research report sets out the work thus far.