GPs champion the role of primary care at Dementia Congress

Two local GP dementia leads, Dr Nick Cartmell and Dr Martin Freeman, spoke at the UK Dementia Congress (31 October 2012) to champion the valuable contribution of primary care in diagnosis and early support to people living with dementia.

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2 thoughts on “GPs champion the role of primary care at Dementia Congress

  1. Sarah Hopkins

    Library Memory Groups, for those with dementia and their carers, are being run by The Reader Organisation in the south west. We are looking for primary care commissioning to enable the groups to spread. While targetted, we aim to create a non-stigmatising environment by involving volunteers from the private sector e.g. in Exeter, volunteers from MOTO Services. If you woud like to visit or discuss one of these projects, please contact me: 01364 653994. Thanks

    1. Rowan Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your recent comment below about South West Library Memory Groups. We would be happy to feature further information about the groups to raise awareness. Perhaps we could add a page within the dementia-friendly communities section of the website?

      Please let me know if you would like us to take this forward.

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