Straight from the Horsesmouth

Horsesmouth ( is an informal mentoring website where people with questions can ask people with relevant personal experiences for advice. For example, someone who has recently been diagnosed or whose mother has been diagnosed with dementia can contact a person who went through the same experience, and gain information, advice and reassurance.


Horsesmouth is enabling thousands of people to mentor each other in this way.

Living Well with Dementia on Horsesmouth
Horsesmouth has teamed up with the Department of Health’s ‘Living Well with Dementia’ programme. The aim is to get hundreds of people who have experiences of dementia on to the site to help others.

How you can help Horsesmouth help people affected by dementia
You can help people who have experiences of dementia to become a ‘Living Well with Dementia’ mentor by encouraging them to visit

This could be newsletter recipients, internal staff, carers or healthcare professionals, support group members or any other organisations with whom you come in contact.