ITV West to run features on dementia 7th-10th March

ITV West will be running four features on dementia from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th March during the pan-regional section of the news programme at around 6.15 pm.

The features will run as follows:

  • Mon 7th: Looks at what dementia is – predictions in the numbers who’ll get it – the fact the many patients and carers say care isn’t all it should be at the moment and introduces the dementia strategy
  • Tues 8th: Looks at some of what’s being done in the South West to improve the lot of patients – Star system in Cornwall, training for home carers in Gloucestershire
  • Weds 9th: Looks at the views of younger sufferers and their specific needs
  • Thurs 10th: Looks at research, funding for it and a lot of the filming is at the brain bank at Frenchay.