Further scoping the Primary Care response to dementia: leading for improvement

Early in 2011 we commence a regional programme ‘The Primary Care response to dementia: leading for improvement’, which is planned to commence in early 2011. The programme for PCT GP dementia leads, dementia commissioners, clinical leads, service managers, other key health and social care staff and people with lived experience of dementia.

Scoping event documents

In December 2010 we facilitated a scoping event which has informed the development and delivery of the programme. In summary we heard the following:

  • Every locality is unique and is at a particular point on their journey to achieve key outcomes. Each has a unique array of relationships that need to be considered in achieving improvement.
  • Facilitation and development skills are relevant and sought to help take this work forward.
  • Participants in any programme delivered off-site should have some accountability to a local team charged with taking the work forward locally. This team should include people diagnosed with dementia and their carers. For some developing such a team should be an early focus of the work.
  • The scoping process was valuable and in some cases could usefully be undertaken locally.
  • It may be helpful to build local capacity to deliver facilitation and development work.
In light of these observations it seems relevant to seek to refine our scoping of the demand. This deeper scoping of what you feel will be helpful can then be shared with the new GP lead appointments. We can then work together to consider the best ways of responding to what you feel is going to be the best way to support you in taking your work forward. In order to further refine the scoping it would be helpful if you could download return the further scoping form to jane.rawlinson@swdc.org.uk by Tuesday 8th February 2011.

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