New systems to help people with dementia to unlock their memories

New communication systems have been designed by academic research teams at the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee to help people with dementia to unlock their memories.

The Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid (CIRCA) system acts as a memory prompt, holding a tailored collection of music, radio, pictures and videos to allow people with dementia and their carers to share recollections and communicate more effectively.

The Living in the Moment system, which provides a range of computer-based activities for people with dementia to enjoy with another person. The activities are designed to encourage skill and creativity and were developed in partnership with people with dementia to ensure that their needs and capabilities were matched.

The Universities have recently licensed CIRCA and Living in the Moment for sale to care homes and clinics by Dementia Life Ltd. The company have just launched commercial versions of the two systems which contain over 3,000 pieces of generic content from the archives of the BBC, ITV and Trinity Mirror. Initial trials have already led to the adoption of the Dementia Life system by Sanctuary Care, which operates over 50 care homes in England, and substantial interest from other care providers.

The video below provides a brief introduction to the technologies.

For further information about Dementia Life, please contact: Michael Portz or Alex Henshall on 01625 506444 or by e-mail at: or