Remember the person photo competition winners announced

Via The Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society Remember the person photo competition challenged photographers to look beyond the stereotypes of living with dementia.

The competition also asked the photographers, both amateur and professional, to gather a collection of photographs that captured what it really means to live with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia today. Entrants were invited to submit photographs showing a person with dementia living their lives, with their family, enjoying their hobbies or simply being themselves alongside a 50-100 word caption talking about why the photograph captured the person so well.

1st place – Lesley Duggleby

A daughter holds her mother.

‘This is me and my beautiful Mum, looking so peaceful and relaxed as if not a care in the world. Love you Mum xxx’


2nd place – Wendy Sawyer

A grandfather with his small grandchild.

‘This is when my Dad was in the early stages of Dementia when he still knew he had a daughter and granddaughter. Whenever I see this picture I can still hear their laughter as they played ‘Peek-a-Boo’.  It shows him as I remember him, a kind person who adored us both. He was finally released from this cruel illness on 11th February 2010.’


3rd place – Matt Timbers

Two women dance together.

‘This is a shot of Carrie Jahn, the Community Relations Director of Sunrise Tettenhall, dancing with Florence, who is a resident at Sunrise. Sunrise were holding a 1940’s Music afternoon, for the residents and their friends and families, so that they could share in the mood of the music. Florence now suffers with dementia, and to see her dancing and smiling, lifted my heart. It was almost magical to see many of the residents, who must at times feel so isolated, brought together through the stimulus of music and dance, to relive memories of their younger days.’