Do OD TEAM toolkit

Do OD TEAM toolkitThe Do OD TEAM toolkit developed by NHS Employers is designed to support effective team working and will be of interest to anyone interested in improving team development.

The toolkit is an output from the national ‘Do OD’ (Organisational Development) programme which aims to put OD theory into practice, helping people to connect, share, learn and grow.

Download Do OD TEAM toolkit

You can use this toolkit when working with your teams to help embrace team working and recognise the contribution it can make to the delivery of compassionate patient care, from committed staff working within a common culture.

The toolkit offers:

  • Theories and factsheets that can help you work effectively with your team.
  • Evidence demonstrating the importance of team development and good practice in leadership for the delivery of successful outcomes.
  • Application of ideas, including interventions and tools to measure their effectiveness.
  • Motivational links and resources to inspire you, encourage you, and help you learn more about team development.

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