Person-centred approaches

Person-centred approaches Community Care magazine, 05 November 2009, pp 30-31

This Community Care magazine feature on using person-centred approaches to supporting people to live well with dementia profiles the recent work of the Social Care Institute for Excellence in this field.

Key messages for practitioners:

  • People with dementia are individuals, so treating them as unique people with individual histories, experiences and strengths should be the cornerstone of supporting them.
  • Dementia is not visible externally so the actions of people with dementia can be misunderstood.
  • Learning about the history of people with dementia can provide crucial insights into their needs and requirements.
  • Focus on what people with dementia can do rather than always thinking of the problems and difficulties they face.
  • Effective two-way communication may be difficult, particularly as the condition progresses, but it is vital that the carer puts every effort into establishing and maintaining the best possible communication.

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