Government to seek legislation to protect vulnerable adults

Plans to strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults by making it a legal requirement for all local authorities to have a Safeguarding Adults Board were announced recently by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow.

Download Statement of Government policy on adult safeguarding (PDF, 51K)

Safeguarding Adults Boards provide vital leadership to those involved in adult safeguarding work across the full range of safeguarding issues. These range from serious incidents in hospitals and institutional abuse in care settings to financial abuse and scams, bullying and victimisation.

The guiding principles on safeguarding seek to increase the protection for those most at risk in society. They include:

  • Empowerment – supporting people to make decisions and have a say in their care;
  • Protection – support and representation for those in greatest need;
  • Prevention – it is better to take action before harm occurs;
  • Proportionality – safeguarding must be built on proportionality and a consideration of people’s human rights;
  • Partnership – local solutions through services working with their communities; and
  • Accountability – safeguarding practice and arrangements should be accountable and transparent.