NHS clinical leaders to be boosted

At least another 60 clinical fellows will be created this year as part of the National Leadership Council’s drive to develop the next generation of leaders in many different clinical settings so that they can take a more central role in improving services for patients.

The new fellowships will:

  • Receive high quality on-the-job clinical leadership and management training underpinned by sharing best practice
  • Provide opportunities for all clinicians to have bespoke leadership development linked to service improvements
  • Promote multidisciplinary and collaborative learning across regions involving all healthcare professional groups and not just doctors
  • Design a robust evaluation on improvements to the service alongside personal development that will provide the benchmark for future leadership programmes

Find out more about the National Leadership Council: Fellowship programme

One thought on “NHS clinical leaders to be boosted

  1. Heather Pearson

    The increase in ‘Clinical leads’ is very much to be welcomed. This should be ‘all good news’ for enabling service improvements for patients plus additional reassurance for their families and carers.

    Heather Pearson(Daughter to Mother in year 12,Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease)

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