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NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia is now open for entries. Awards will be made for innovations that redesign services around the needs of patients, improve diagnosis and reduce both the number of hospital attendances and the amount of time patients spend in hospital. Read more »


Care Bill

The Care Bill introduces legislation to provide protection and support to the people who need it most and to take forward elements of the government’s initial response to the Francis Inquiry. Read more »


Dementia: Finding housing solutions Dementia: Finding housing solutions

This report, published by the National Housing Federation, highlights how good housing and related services can impact positively on the lives of people with dementia, from delaying more intensive forms of care to preventing admission and readmission to hospital. Read more »


Feature dementia prevalence calculator Dementia Prevalence Calculator

The Dementia Prevalence Calculator presents an opportunity for all health communities to gain a better understanding of their local estimated prevalence of dementia in the community, and among people living in local care homes. Read more »


Pan Bristol approach to Dementia Champions Bristol as a Dementia Friendly City

This project aims to move Bristol towards becoming a ‘dementia-friendly city’ in which people with dementia can enjoy the same opportunities to take part in a social life, live independently and engage in everyday activity as other people, without fear of stigma or rejection. Read more »


Frailty Nurses in Cornwall

Nurses working in Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust are actively targeting frail patients with dementia at the front door ensuring appropriate assessment, care and discharge planning is completed and that it involves the patient and carers. Read more »


ACEmobile dementia assessment tool ACEmobile dementia assessment tool

A new mobile application has been developed by clinicians in Plymouth, supported by international colleagues, that provides an easy-to-use dementia assessment tool that can be used by a wide range of medical and other healthcare staff. Read more »